Two more CSOV IWS will include Kongsberg Maritime equipment sets


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Nick Blenkey

The Skywalker-class CSOVs are built to a Kongsberg Maritime design with a new double-ended hull form and propulsion configuration.

Based in Oslo Integrated Wind Solutions (IWS) ordered two more Skywalker-class commissioning service operations (CSOV) vessels. The vessels are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2024 by China Merchants Industry, Hong Kong. Currently, IWS has two identical vessels on order for delivery in 2023 and option agreements for up to two additional vessels for potential delivery in the second half of 2024.

The shipyard’s firm price for the two vessels just ordered is approximately €48 million (approximately $53 million) per vessel).

AWI says approximately 50% of the vessel’s value is tied to Norwegian export companies providing state-of-the-art technology ensuring safe and efficient operations during vessel operations. These Norwegian companies include Kongsberg Maritime (KM). He has now reserved an order for equipment sets for the final two vessels, all of which are built to his UT 5519 DE design.

UT 5519 DE has a new double-ended hull form and propulsion configuration, incorporating results from research and development projects as well as operational experience from Kongsberg Maritime’s wind farm service vessel designs to minimize emissions and maximize drivability and efficiency.


Hybrid-powered vessels will be among the first in the offshore wind industry capable of operating at zero emissions. Equipped with a fully-compensated gangway and the latest generation 3D crane, they feature several “industry firsts” such as the largest battery pack with solar panels for additional charging and power consumption. estimated to be 20% lower than comparable CSOVs currently under construction. The vessels are also the first in the industry to carry the “DNV SILENT” rating, which aims to minimize the impact on marine life underwater.

The vessels are built around a technological backbone provided by the complete integrated equipment solution provided by KM, which includes permanent magnet azimuth thrusters, generators, electrical systems, a fully integrated bridge with navigation, dynamic positioning (DP) and automation systems, bridge machinery equipment and control systems.


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