The Man Needs Love Quest Guide


The Man Needs Love is a very unexpected but fun side quest in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that is found in the Citadel of Baldaar. Read on, and this guide will teach players how to effectively complete this request and what rewards await them.

How to Start The Man Needs Love Side Quest

To get this quest, players must first complete the I want to be hated Quest. Then look for the passionate man and he will make a ridiculous request. Accept it and the side quest will begin.

How to Complete The Man Needs Love Side Quest

How to Complete The Man Needs Love Side Quest

To complete the request, players will need to create Aphrodite’s Tears through composition. Like the previous quest, players will need to have one of their members, specifically Nina, to have level 10 composition skills and the ability known as The Blessings of Mana which increases the chances of crafting rare items. The materials needed for tears are Aquaberry and Roly-Poly Bean. Craft using these items and turn the item over to the client to complete the request.

The Man Needs Love Side Quest Rewards

Upon completion of the quest, players will receive the following rewards which may be beneficial for future endeavors in Star Ocean The Divine Force:

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