Splatoon 3 players mourn Big Man as his team loses Splatfest


Splatoon 3’s first Splatfest is over and Big Man fans are mourning their idol.

Over the past weekend, the World Premiere Splatfest unfolded for Splatoon 3 players, pitting rock, paper, and scissors against each other. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be for Big Man, as the Scissors unfortunately ended up taking third place behind the other two North American teams.

That means Big Man fans and stans are understandably in tears. The big sea pancake team actually took pole position halfway through the Splatfest all over Europe, but they unfortunately ended up coming in second place behind the rock team, commandeered by Shiver.

It wasn’t Big Man’s day, but we’re sure he’s always happy with his team’s efforts, no matter the results. Splatoon 3 fans have been completely in love with Big Man since he was first revealed for the shooter’s sequel earlier this month, and there’s no doubt players will be fighting for it again. him in future Splatfest battles.

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That’s right – just because Big Man lost on this occasion doesn’t mean he’s finished. Until now, Nintendo has always held Splatfest battles for the Splatoon series, periodically introducing new teams that players can declare their allegiance to and battle against. We can expect a few more confrontations between Frye, Shiver, and the Big Man himself.

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Hoping that the team that Big Man commands in the future ends up getting a better performance in the future to topple Frye and Shiver. The opening Splatfest may be over, but it won’t be long until we wait for Splatoon 3’s full launch next week on September 9.

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