Shopee rescinds Chinese man’s job offer at Singapore airport with his wife and dog


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A man from China has shared his unfortunate experience with Shopee after the e-commerce giant rescinded his job offer when he arrived in Singapore to start a new life.

Shopee cancels the offer

According to SCMP, a Chinese man named Lin Ge posted his whereabouts on his WeChat account.

Lin Ge wrote that a recruiting agent from Shopee called him and told him that the company had canceled his job offer.

Unfortunately, he received the bad news while at Singapore airport with his wife and dog, as he had just arrived to start a new life in the country.

Lin Ge was not the only employee who received the news of the cancellation. The e-commerce giant has admitted that it has been forced to cancel some technical positions due to adjustments to the hiring plans of certain technical teams and that several positions within the company are no longer available.

Shopee is just one of many companies around the world to lay off employees or cut back on hiring new people due to the slowing global economy and fears of a recession.

The e-commerce giant also said it would offer compensation to those affected by the sudden change in their hiring decision. Lin Ge, and others like him, will receive one month’s salary and travel expenses.

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Other Shopee layoffs

In June, the e-commerce giant also laid off employees from its food delivery and payment teams. The company has also reduced its workforce in Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

Mashable also reported that Shopee carried out massive layoffs in Asia in June, with the e-commerce giant closing a store in India, leaving 300 workers out of work.

Employees affected by the mass layoff have been notified by email.

Shopee also closed its operations in France in March. The company has also ceased the activities of its branch in Spain.

Despite the halt in operations, Shopee will still deliver all orders as usual, and after-sales service and support will still be available for those who purchased from the website.

In Thailand, nearly 50% of ShopeePay and ShopeeFood employees have been laid off, with workers told to go home and check their emails.

Sea Limited, the organization that owns Shopee, posted losses in the second quarter of 2022 due to several market challenges.

According to Refinitiv, Sea Limited lost $931.2 million in the second quarter of 2022, 42% more than the estimated loss of $655 million.

Global economic slowdown

According to CNBC, Sea Limited is just one of the tech giants cutting jobs. Many start-ups in Southeast Asia have been cutting their worker numbers for months now.

Companies are now focusing on profitability instead of growing their business due to high interest rates and economic uncertainty.

Jessica Huang Pouleur of venture capital firm Openspace told CNBC that in 2021, cheap market capital flooded the market, making it easy for businesses to grow and scale. This led them to hire people quickly.

Huang Pouleur said more layoffs are coming in the coming months, especially in technology.

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