Remembering man hit by LIRR train: ‘He had a heart of gold’


SOUTHAMPTON, NY – Friends mourn a man struck and killed by a Long Island Rail Road train in Southampton on Monday night.

The man who lost his life was later identified as Rafal Stoklosa, 45, from Southampton, police said.

And now Andrew Iaurice has written an obituary for the man he said is his best friend, words filled with love and respect for a life lived with kindness.

“Raf was a staple on the Shinnecock Channel,” he said. “Sharing food, drink, bait and fishing tips to anyone who asked. He had a heart of gold. Raf had an undying love for nature, the ocean and all the natural beauty that this land has to offer. When he was ‘fishing,’ he spent most of the rest of his free time cleaning up local fishing grounds, public woodlands, and foraging for food in the wild.”

Plus, Iaurice said, Stoklosa loved the sun and always had a dark tan.

“He found peace in nature. Raf was known for this love of all nature, especially seagulls and deer which he cared for daily. No one on this earth had a kinder, gentler soul than Rafal,” he said. . “Unfortunately, Raf’s demons caught up with him as they became too much for him to handle… Along with a heart full of gold, Raf also carried a mind full of trauma he could never find peace with. .”

Remembering his friend, Iaurice said: “Rafal was known throughout the Hampton Bay area as ‘The Fluke King’ because not only did he catch the most and best quality shot, but he did this using gear he found that people had forgotten and left on the floor. He liked to show a new angler a few tricks and give him some gear from his box. He liked to help people.

Although his friend never had much financially, he had other gifts to share, Iaurice said.

“He had so much to offer with his love and kindness to everyone he met. Raf had the least – but always offered the most. He had a special love in his heart for all birds, from seagulls to bald eagles. white head. I hope his pain is gone and he is at peace and happy for once in his long life. Raf was a saint. A true saint. So in the name of Rafal Stoklosa, kindest soul, sweetest and most loving that ever lived, let us make this world a more loving and livable place for all men and animals,” he said.

According to the MTA, the incident happened at 7pm on Monday when an eastbound train hit Stoklosa at a location west of the Hills Station Road bridge in Southampton; the bridge carries the Montauk branch on Hills Station Road.

The incident would have been considered non-criminal. The investigation is ongoing.

The train involved was the 4:30 p.m. departure from Hunterspoint Avenue, scheduled for Montauk at 7:44 p.m., officials said. As a result, the train terminated in Hampton Bays and the LIRR arranged buses to meet the train to allow customers to continue their journey. Service on the Montauk branch was officially suspended east of Speonk until 10:39 p.m., resulting in two additional affected trains, the MTA said.


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