Regulating new technologies to improve maritime safety, green shipping – Experts


1 Maritime experts on Tuesday sought a regulatory framework for innovative technologies that would boost maritime safety and green shipping in Africa.

2 They said the regulations would ensure Africa meets modern shipping trends and maintains environmentally friendly operations.

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3 Experts made this known at the ongoing 2022 show Lagos International Maritime Week (LIMW)on the theme ‘New technologies for greener navigation in Africa’, organized by Zoe Maritime Resources Ltd.
The press agency of Nigeria reports that green shipping consists of transporting people or goods through ships, using as few resources and energy as possible, to protect the environment from pollutants generated by ships.

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4 Speaking at a conference, Mr. Kunle FolarinChairman, Nigerian Ports Advisory Council (NPCC), said the introduction of technologies would improve the shape of a greener marine environment.

5 Folarin said the safety, security, overall health and well-being of those working on seas and ports.

6 He added that Africa flies the flag of vessels at least 15 to 25 years old which are continually susceptible to high age, related effects and operate with second class fuel consumption.

seven “The investment to replace and rebuild them with new technology-driven tonnages is not feasible.

8 Achieving a new order of things requires enforcement of regulations and inspection by the local maritime administration.

9 “Failure of a safe, secure, cleaner and greener marine environment will be against greener shipping in Africa,” he said.

ten Folarin noted that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in reducing the carbon footprint of international maritime transport, planned for a 50% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) ship emissions by 2050; with implications for fuel consumption and operational efficiency of ships.

11 “The shipping industry is dynamic, and the growing demand for urgency to take action to reduce the carbon footprint is significant.

12 “The increasing standards set by the IMO have sparked the research and development of ‘green’ technologies for the shipping industry.

13 “The shipping industry must create and apply innovative measures in order to comply with new regulations,” he said.

14 He said that the mandatory maritime and maritime world is changing and the application of digitalization and technologies is the way forward.

15 “Africa must join the league of these innovations in order to be relevant in global and maritime trade,” he said.

16 Also, Ms. Emmanuelle BlatmannAmbassador of France in Nigeria said the conference put ecology on the agenda to see how to move towards a greener footprint of the shipping industry.

17 According to her, it is the repeated major natural disasters, more than the energy crisis, which must trigger change for the maritime industry, as a major consumer of energy.

18 “In France, the French private sector has made progress: three years ago, 10 French shipowners and the Italian shipowner Grimaldi signed a charter called the SAILS Charter, for sustainable actions for innovative and low-impact maritime transport.

19 “It aims to drastically reduce polluting emissions and protect the marine environment.

20 Also, in February 2022, President Macron hosted the One Ocean Summit in Brest to promote the blue economy.

21 “And Nigeria’s presence at this major international event was particularly appreciated as an African leader for the development of the blue economy in West Africa,” she said.

22 She added that the implementation of new schemes, both innovative and economically viable, can only be done if the maritime routes where sailors and goods transit are secure.

23 “To this end, the GHG can count on the Coordinated Maritime Presence system, (CPM) which ensures the presence of navies in the area on behalf of the EU and also of the French navy, who are important stakeholders in the CMP initiative,” she said.

24 Earlier, Ms. Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore, President of Zoe Maritime Resources Ltd., noted that every new technology thrives on existing infrastructure, adding that maritime infrastructure is no exception.

25 According to her, new technologies that will support environmentally friendly shipping in Africa will focus on maritime infrastructure, but unfortunately, maritime infrastructure has deteriorated in Nigeria.

26 The LIMWEEK is a program intended to be a solution provider to the maritime challenges facing Africa and Nigeria in particular,

NewsSourceCredit: NOPE

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