Portsmouth Primary students experience the adventure of sailing through a residential maritime charity experience


A crew of 43 pupils from Beacon View Primary Academy experienced a fully funded five-day residency at a sailing academy on the Isle of Wight.

The United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA) is a maritime charity that provides experiences and education on the water, providing sailing residencies designed to build confidence and encourage teamwork in schools across the country.

Prior to the trip, academy staff worked closely with the UKSA to put together a bespoke course for students, focusing on developing invaluable ‘life skills’ that can be transferred beyond. sailing.

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Skills at sea

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Students also took part in essential pre-course engagement lessons, which involved learning how to type knots, how to operate a sail and how to be safe in the water.

During the residency, the students embarked on activities such as three-mile kayak trips, as well as achieving their Level 1 rating from the Royal Yachting Association.

This involved learning skills such as boat handling, wind awareness and navigation techniques.

Students in kayaks

Students also enjoyed a variety of fun and educational activities each evening, including team games, talks about maritime careers and boat building.

Hunnie, a grade 5 student at Beacon View Primary Academy, said: “My favorite activities were kayaking and swimming. I had never kayaked before and although it was cold it was great fun.

“I also learned how to tie knots on boats and where to set sail when the wind comes from different directions.”

Lexi, a fifth grade student, added, “I learned about communication because when we were in the kayaks it was really hard to get it to work well.

“Then we started talking to each other better and we started moving really fast.”

Sally Hodgson, Principal of the school, said: “It is wonderful to see the pupils making full use of this residence, generously funded by the UKSA.

“Providing our students with the opportunity to get out and participate in physical activities as a team is extremely important for their development.

“Thank you to both our staff and the UKSA instructors for their work in ensuring students make the most of this opportunity and develop important skills that will benefit their learning in the classroom.”


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