Man drowns at sea in Walvis Bay


Staff reporter

DANIEL Haufiku, 49, tragically died after falling from a fishing boat off Walvis Bay and drowning on Tuesday.

Police spokesman in Erongo, Inspector Illeni Shapumba said the vessel named Laxe Dos took off offshore on Saturday with 22 crew members for fishing purposes.

At around 07:50 a.m. Tuesday, crew members were reportedly busy deploying nets to the North while the deckhand was busy trying to secure a swinging door, which tipped over and struck the deceased.

DROWNING: File photo for illustrative purposes only.

“It is alleged that the door struck him on the right side, which threw him overboard, into the sea,” he said.

Shapumba said a lifeline was allegedly thrown at Vatileni and he managed to grab hold of the ring for a few seconds, but lost it, resulting in his drowning.

The deceased was reportedly dressed in his protective gear while in the turbulent waters.

According to Shapumba, the body was recovered from the sea and brought on board.

He was pronounced dead around 8:45 a.m.

Meanwhile, the ship which brought the body of the deceased, docked at the port of Walvis Bay last night around 9.30pm.

The deceased relatives have been notified.

Police will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
The investigation is continuing.


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