Maine Maritime cadets return home from trip


CASTINE — The Maine Maritime cadets have been reunited with their families after spending 62 days overseas.

Cadets traveled to national and international ports where they learned the importance of teamwork. During their stay abroad, they were able to experience various cultures, including visiting CharlestonSouth Carolina, Bermuda and meceland.

The educational trip was led by Captain Gto order MacArthur.

MacArthur talked about important takeaways from the trip, including teamwork skills and cadets learning their strengths. He said: “Most importantly, they learned about themselves…learning how to work safely, use tools correctly and relate to each other in a very confined environment. »

Upon their return, the cadets lined up along the bridge and shook hands with Mr.acArthur before reuniting with their families.

On the journey, the group became a unified family and, as Cadet Master Shannon Estus said, it brought them closer together.

She said, “We navigated with one hundred and seventy students between juniors and freshmen and overall everyone became almost brother and sister. We are mostly male, so it’s almost like we have a hundred and seventy brothers.

During the two-month trip, the cadets completed the qualifications to become United States Navy Officers for the United States Coast Guard.

This year’s group was smaller than in previous years – which usually averages 240 cadets, however, MacArthur explains how the spirit of the group was just as strong this year.

He said, “That was great. Lots of really positive energy. Everyone thinks COVID-19 is behind us… But wherever we went, everyone was learning about different cultures, exploring and being a good ambassador for the state of Melder and the United States.


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