Keppel O&M tests augmented/virtual reality smart glasses


The smart glasses solution is being implemented with local communication company M1 in a pilot project, which received a grant from the IMDA 5G Innovation Program.

The smart glasses are equipped with a camera lens, microphone, speaker mic, cellular or WIFI reception and a micro projector, which can project a digital overlay of text and images. images in the wearer’s field of vision.

The smart glasses are tested by Keppel O&M in three different scenarios in its yard:

Site inspection

For the asset inspection and maintenance process, the wearer can display work instructions which can be controlled by voice commands. The shipyard said it replaces manual check sheets and labor-intensive drawings and can reduce on-site inspection hours by up to 50%.

Digital Twin Virtualization Remote Monitoring

Using AR-enabled smart glasses, field engineers will be able to capture and stream live data to their main office to receive real-time remote guidance. Sensor data can be overlaid on the engineer’s field of view, allowing desktop support for troubleshooting and rectification.

Remote virtual visit

This feature allows different parts of a project to perform pre-construction feasibility assessments simultaneously, helping to identify potential engineering design issues earlier.

Chris Ong, CEO of Keppel O&M, said: “During the Covid-19 pandemic, when safe management measures limited physical inspections and site surveys, we were the first to officially carry out remote inspections to a new ship with a classification society using smart glasses.

“Today, we are further expanding its use not only to improve the efficiency of project delivery and site operations, but also to expand our capabilities to deliver digital solutions for our customers’ assets. This is part of Keppel O&M’s Yard of the Future initiative, which is harnessing digitalization to transform our products, services and operations.

Manjot Singh Mann, CEO of M1, said, “Thanks to M1’s robust 5G network, the smart glasses can provide an immersive, high-bandwidth AR/VR environment that allows highly detailed representations and real-time information to be relayed to users. users and control centers. The successful introduction of the Smart Glasses solution at Keppel O&M is a useful test case that can be scaled and replicated to improve operational efficiency and safety in businesses and industries.


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