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[By:  J M Baxi]

An on-site vaccination campaign was organized in Visakhapatnam on June 17 and 18 in association with Omni hospitals. The vaccination campaign was carried out for employees, their family members and contract workers, associates and customers. About 566 members received the vaccine.

The vaccination campaign received positive feedback from employees, family members, contract workers, associates and customers.

“I warmly thank the management for carrying out the vaccination campaign which is very necessary in this pandemic period. I took this opportunity and got vaccinated with my mother. The campaign was very well organized and we did ran into no issues while getting our The time slots given to each employee to get vaccinated was a really good idea and the whole process only took us 30 minutes.
– Vamsi T, Executive Jr.

“Thank you for organizing this vaccination campaign which was indeed very useful. VCTPL has always been at the forefront when it comes to social causes such as the organization of blood donation camps, security awareness campaigns and now COVID vaccine camps.

I really appreciate this gesture of VCTPL and thank you for allowing me to get vaccinated at the VCT COVID vaccination camp. “
– Viswanath Rudravarapu, partners

“As everyone knows, getting the vaccine is very difficult in this situation, but with your support it went very well. A big thank you to the management of the VCTPL for the vaccination campaign in this pandemic situation. “
– G Anil Kumar, partners

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