Earlier-year accounts , especially the more expensive ones such as IPTU and IPVA , can bring a real headache for those who have little room for extra spending in the budget or can not make a reservation the previous year.

Even if the ideal is to collect money over the months of the previous year to make the cash payment, it is always valid to consider the use of credit to offset expenses at the beginning of the year.

With planning and choosing a trustworthy financial institution , this may be the best option so you do not have to make big budget moves in the months of January and February, maintaining your standard of living .

In this article, you will understand why it is important to take out year-over-year expenses and learn more about STN’s credit lines. Check out!


What are the main expenses at the beginning of the year?

What are the main expenses at the beginning of the year?

The concern that the Brazilian families have with the arrival of the accounts of beginning of year happens mainly because they are not the type of expense that we can contain or reduce easily . The IPVA, IPTU and school fees have values ​​determined by third parties and you can not give them up without “paying” otherwise – like running out of a vehicle or removing the children from the private school.

These three are the main accounts of the beginning of the year, but it is also possible that some extras appear. In the case of children’s education, school uniform and didactic material also make up the expenses. When you sum it all up, value can scare you , can not it?

To avoid stress and hasty decisions when managing finances at the beginning of the year , it is important to have an annual financial planning that considers the seasonality of revenues and expenses.


Importance of planning and financial control system

Importance of planning and financial control system

The importance of this planning and financial control systems lies in the level of awareness about their situation that they give. By tracking incomes and expenses monthly, you know when you can make a bigger investment and when you can save more. This control can be done in simple spreadsheets that record monthly revenues and expenses.

In the case of eliminating expenses from the beginning of the year, it is worth identifying which possible extra rents can help set up a reserve to make payment of these accounts to come in sight.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is more complicated to count on the one received for vacation or 13th salary. But even so, you can identify in your annual financial planning where there is too much slack so that when the year turns you have the income necessary to clear those accounts . Another example of a possible extra source of income is the income tax refund.


When this financial reserve is not reachable

When this financial reserve is not reachable

It is better to have a personal loan than to fail to pay one of these accounts, which can bring high interest and indebtedness , seriously compromising its classification as a good payer in the list of protection companies to credit. Besides these problems, debts harm our mental health, disrupting various aspects of life.

If you’ve noticed that you need a loan, whether it’s to cover all the expenses of the beginning of the year , or to ease the budget, it’s worth researching for credit unions, such as STN. These institutions are often focused on encouraging entrepreneurs without abusive fees.

In addition to options for your business, cooperatives also offer personal credit, which can be used for any purpose, including for paying bills . The main tip for anyone who is looking for personal loan is not to rush by hiring the first option that appears.It is important to research and look for options other than traditional banks.


What are STN’s solutions for these accounts?

STN is a cooperative that aims to stimulate access to credit and has a very broad portfolio. There are personal credit options for members who already have a pre-approved profile.

Unlike banks, these companies have smaller structures and more closely follow clients and their realities .

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It’s worth noting that claims taken to pay cash accounts work well when you get a discount or you run the risk of defaulting without these amounts. At STN, credit lines should be paid for a period of 12 to 36 months.


What are the differentials of these lines of credit?

What are the differentials of these lines of credit?

In addition to offering lower interest rates to cooperative members, credit unions have a time for proposal approval and better line availability than banks and finance . Most of the time, these institutions even offer short approval time and promise money in the account in a short time, but the fees are sky-high – unlike this model that guarantees ease, with honest interest .


How to get STN’s credit to pay for these expenses?

credit to pay

To come to the conclusion that credit really is the best option for your personal accounts , you need to make an honest and realistic diagnosis of your accounts earlier in the year . Think about what’s worth it: take a higher loan and pay everything in sight or install one of them.

In some states, the IPVA, for example, allows installment payments in only three installments. To decide, compare the interest (or the cash discount) with the rates of the financial institution .

After this diagnosis, gather your basic documentation (pay attention to financial papers, such as proof of income and bank statement) and go to a service agency STN. Once your order has been reviewed, you should receive the amount in your account .

Now you already know some advantages of asking for personal credit to pay expenses at the beginning of the year . It is important to keep up with IPVA, IPTU and school enrollment because these accounts are usually indispensable services, are not they? In credit unions, such as STN, you find lower rates and differentiated service compared to banks , which often offer very high rates.