Hextona Paints – The renowned manufacturer of paints and paint products for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial use



Award winning paint manufacturer with a 30 year production history in India, Hextona Paints creates a variety of high quality paint products including custom colors and emulsions. Hextona paint products are distributed worldwide as one of the nation’s leading paint producers. Hextona Paints, a market leader in the production of decorative and industrial paint products, creates high quality paints that are durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly in addition to offering hassle-free painting services.

According to market research, the paint business in India is estimated at over INR 50 billion as the global paint and coatings market continues to grow moderately. In all types of products and materials, paints are increasingly used in automotive, marine, construction and general industrial applications. Undoubtedly, paints have become an indispensable part of the infrastructure world, and painting and shading improve the visual appearance of the house and environmental elements. With inventive paint products, the paint business of Hextona Paints has taken on the vibrations of a structure, an upward pullback.

Hextona Paints wants to paint many more happy areas and fulfill the dreams of its dedicated customers by delivering on its promises and ensuring the delivery of high quality goods and services. Hextona Paint’s mission is to manufacture high quality paints that are environmentally responsible. Hextona Paints has shown tremendous development in the course in recent years, subsequently becoming not only the fastest growing paint brand in India but also in Asia. Being customer-centric in its dealings, Hextona Paints spares no effort to satisfy its customers through speed, transparency and highly reliable products and services, thus spreading its impression of the nation as well as the rapid development of its range to across India. Today, Hextona Paints stands out as perhaps the most entrenched competitor in the Indian paint industry, valued with various awards and accolades.

Hextona Paints’ plethora of services includes the following:

  • Commercial painting services
  • Residential painting services
  • Industrial painting services
  • Institutional painting services

In the words of the founder “We are proud of the enthusiasm with which we approach any project that comes our way. We have worked with many customers and earned their trust as reputable paint manufacturers and contractors. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality paints, and with the help of qualified people we have been able to achieve this. For many years to come, we will stop at nothing to continue to offer our expert services in the same way.

Claim to Fame – Hextona Paints

  • Recipient of the “Best Quality Paint Manufacturer Award” in 2011
  • Awarded “Top Quality Paint Manufacturers Award” in 2018.
  • Their production process and unique formulations come exclusively from SWEDEN, a European country.
  • The company is run by internationally renowned graduates from the University of Wales at Birmingham, and operations are managed by highly qualified IIM graduates.

Visit – www.hextona.com

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