Global warming threatens marine life in the Black Sea


Due to the effect of global warming, the temperature of the water in the Black Sea is rising abnormally, so much so that the marine biome of the partially landlocked sea is under serious threat, Turkish experts said.

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A scientific study by Barış Salihoğlu, director of the Institute of Marine Sciences at the Middle East Technical University, shows that the Black Sea is in irreparable danger due to global warming.

Noting that the seawater temperature in the Black Sea has risen by 2 degrees Celsius over the past 60 years due to climate change, scientists have warned that the sea‘s ecosystem will irreversibly deteriorate if precautions were not taken.

Evaluating the research prepared with contributions from Ezgi Şahin Yücel, Valeria Ibello and Mustafa Yücel, the Director noted that the seas of the European continent were affected in different ways by climate change.

He noted that the Black Sea is one of the seas most affected by global warming and human factors, which are actually called multiple pressures.

Warning that the entire ocean current system will change due to the warming of the Black Sea, the academic said this situation will cause the oxygen-free waters to move closer from the sea to the surface.

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Recalling that sea creatures cannot live in the Black Sea at a depth of almost 100 meters, the expert stressed that marine life would be affected by this situation due to the disappearance of the cold intermediate layer and the water approach without oxygen to the surface.



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