Dumped rubbish threatens Dorset marine life


Video report by Richard Slee of ITV News Meridian

Environmental activists say the waste dumped by people who use the waters off the coast of Poole threatens marine life and is ruining one of the country’s most beloved coastlines.

The warning comes after an additional 2,000 hectares of the port were recognized as an area of ​​scientific interest.

Volunteers patrol the water to remove litter and urge people to be more careful with their litter. MVS Poole has partnered with a local charity, Oceans to Earth and the Dorset County Council Coastal Officer, to work together to help tackle litter in Poole Harbor.

The location of the waste is also documented, which will help environmental activists get a better idea of ​​the source of the problem.

  • In the harbor, the team often encounter floating, hard-to-grab debris, and the more remote beaches offer a variety of examples of what is typically collected on these patrols.

Volunteers plan to clean the water of all plastics and trash where possible, while documenting where they were found and reporting back to Oceans to Earth to help get a feel for what happens in the local environment in real time.


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