C Transport Maritime digitizes technical operations with Kaiko – Digital Ship software


C Transport Maritime (CTM) will deploy software from Berlin-based Kaiko Systems to 30 of its managed dry bulk carriers.

The software will help CTM streamline manual technical operations for onboard crews and make routine operations such as inspection and maintenance more proactive and data-driven.

CTM chose to implement the software from Kaiko Systems after an intensive trial phase which demonstrated how the safety regime is applied and how the time spent on crew inspections could be reduced. Additionally, the system structures the data into visualized overviews, allowing shore crews to immediately identify potential issues and take action.

“Speed ​​and precision are key to technical management,” said Francesco Canepa, technical director at CTM. “Kaiko Systems is able to verify and automatically structure data in dynamic analysis. This gives us visibility into the rigor of our security regime and enables us to identify non-rental risks and act earlier for our clients. Additionally, the Kaiko Systems team is quick and eager to absorb new ideas to continually improve their offering. We hope that working with Kaiko Systems will bring further improvements to the performance and operational efficiency of our fleet.“

Mr. Canepa also highlights the level of transparency that CTM can now bring to its customers: “With Kaiko Systems, it is now possible for our customers to have a real-time assessment of their vessels both at macro level and at granular. It can be an assessment of the general condition, images, trends and even the efforts made by the crews to maintain the health of the vessel.

Fabian Fussek, Co-Founder and CEO of Kaiko Systems, commented, “CTM is known for its knowledgeable employees who consistently deliver the highest quality to their customers. Being able to earn their trust speaks to the value proposition of our product and the efficiency of our deployment operations. Kaiko Systems provides essential solutions for managers and owners of vessels of all sizes. Companies that work with us can expect compelling results immediately, rather than lengthy research and development phases. This sets us apart from many other companies and solutions in the market.”


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