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– CASTELLAMMARE DI STABIA, NOV 14 – He fled violence and poverty in Nigeria and escaped again from Libya. Then he reached Italy, on a boat, where – he says – “I saw children taken from their mothers and thrown into the sea to lighten the weight of the ship”. Abdul, his stage name is Maestros, is 25 years old. These images while crossing the Mediterranean, he admits, he will never be able to forget them. But he tried to change the course of his destiny. Today, on social networks, his journey as a songwriter begins with the tun Rock and his first music video, produced by Movieland.

This is the story of a survivor. He speaks of the crossing “many were abandoned at sea, among them many children of all ages, a way of forcing even the mother to jump overboard in desperation”. He managed to arrive in Lampedusa and was transferred to a refuge in Naples. Then, little by little, he started to get up. “I wanted to find work,” says Abdul.

During his trip, he meets Salvatore Suarato, owner of the Greenlandic agritourism Castellaare di Stabia (Naples) and the film production company Movieland who offers him a job.

“He is a young man full of resources – says Suarato – he surprised me with his determination to be active. He has worked with me for almost two years, and now he is part of the family. Despite the excruciating experiences he he’s been through and the hardships, I’m amazed at how happy he is. And he’s a real talent.” Maestros writes songs in the Afrobeat style, a genre close to pop, very popular in Africa.

Here in Italy he had the opportunity to record some songs.

The first is “Rock”, where it tells the story of two engaged couples, who are at first by their status and their appearance but who find themselves later by discovering the true values ​​and feelings. The song has its own first video which was filmed along the coast of Vesuvius. But among the songs he wrote and sang, Maestros there is also “My world”, a real journey that took Abdul to Italy. The launch of the first song does not come at a happy time, however. The young Nigerian does not hide his sadness: “This trip is terrible, many do not succeed but it is the only way to try to escape death.

Today, thanks to Salvatore Suarato, I have a job and I was able to realize my dream, to create music”.



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