Armor Comms technology selected by Priavo Security and the 360 ​​Maritime Alliance for secure communication solutions


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End-to-end security services company 360 Maritime Alliance to provide secure mobile communications solution for the super yacht and ultra-high value industry

With its two product lines Armor Mobile and SigNet by Armor, we can cover most of the use cases we encounter when providing bespoke security services to customers in the Super Yacht and UHNW industries.

– Pete Murphy, CEO of Priavo Security

LONDON, UK, July 15, 2021 / – Armor Comms, the leading provider of specialized secure communications solutions, has announced a partnership with Priavo Security and the 360 ​​Maritime Alliance. Priavo Security has added Armour’s secure mobile communication technology to the range of services it provides to Superyacht and Ultra High Net Value (UHNW) customers. The Priavo Security / 360 Maritime Alliance provides a range of security services covering physical, electronic and cybernetic security. Both Armor Mobile and SignNet by Armor will be available to customers as part of this partnership.

Pete Murphy, CEO of Priavo Security and founding member of the 360 ​​Maritime Alliance said; “After researching the market, we found Armor’s technology to be the most widely approved and recommended. With its two product streams, Armor Mobile and SigNet by Armor, it is able to cover most of the use cases we encounter when providing bespoke security services to customers in the Super Yacht and Ultra High Net Worth industries. .

The award-winning Armor Mobile secure communications application provides fully integrated secure communications for voice, video, messaging, conferencing, attachments and MessageBurn (messages scheduled to be deleted automatically). An enterprise-ready solution, Armor Mobile is scalable for rapid and remote deployment and can be supplied with optional audit functionality. Armor Mobile is approved for processing data up to UK Government OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and NATO Restricted.

SigNet by Armor, which is based on the highly respected Signal app, offers similar functionality to Armor Mobile, with AES-256-bit encryption for iOS and Android devices, and for use with Windows 10, macOS, and Linux.

Both Armor product lines have additional security features such as an on-premise option for full privacy as well as the choice of a cloud installation on Armor’s secure cloud, secure groups and list functionality. authorization, and a much improved and very intuitive user interface.

David Holman, Director of Armor Comms, said: “The superyacht and ultra-high net value markets have their own safety requirements. At Armor, we’re committed to providing products that protect privacy, enhance security, and are designed to be fun to use, so people aren’t tempted to use much less secure consumer applications.

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About Priavo Security and 360 Maritime
Priavo Security provides security and risk management services enabling clients to live the lifestyle they choose without fear for their personal safety. Priavo Security has created a strong company based on experienced full-time employees, approved global security partners, and highly skilled and trained contractors, all located in strategic high-risk countries across the globe. This provides the strength and depth to ensure that exceptional standards of security services are consistently delivered.

360 Maritime is an amalgamation of three industry leaders, each with equal experience and expertise in their respective fields: physics, electronics and cybersecurity. Through intelligence-driven risk analysis, we are able to provide robust and innovative security solutions as well as comprehensive advice on all aspects of physical, electronic and cyber security. We take into account the unique security and privacy requirements of each client and in turn provide an integrated, tailor-made and cost-effective security solution.

About armor communications
Armor Communications Limited is a UK based company providing market leading technology for secure communication via 3/4 / 5G, Wi-Fi and satellite for voice, video, messaging and data platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Armor Mobile offers integrated secure conferencing (audio and video) between multiple callers. SigNet by Armor provides similar functionality to the end user with enhanced AES-256-bit peer-to-peer encryption.

Armor Mobile and SigNet by Armor are available as Cloud or On-Premises solutions. If required, Armour’s technology can interact with commonly used SIP-based PBXs and UC installations, extending the reach of secure mobile communications to the corporate desk phone.

Armor Mobile and SigNet by Armor allow users internal and external to an organization to communicate seamlessly in a secure and private environment, while taking advantage of the reduced costs and increased flexibility provided by corporate Voice over IP communications.

Armor products include NATO and CPA approved offerings up to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and NATO Restricted with solutions through selected Armor partners available to mitigate threats up to SECRET.

Armor’s products are approved by government departments, banks, law enforcement, defense and health organizations, and businesses around the world.

In March 2021, Armor obtained ISO27001: 2013 registration for Armor’s Communications Information Security Management System covering the development and delivery of Armor Mobile, SigNet and white label products.

In April 2021, Armor received a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021.

Armor and SignNet by Armor are registered trademarks of Armor Communications Limited.
Armor Mobile, Armor Connect, Armor Desktop, and Medicomms by Armor are trademarks of Armor Communications Limited.

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