A bridge connects tourists to popular beaches in Sipalay town


CONNECT. The 75-meter bridge connecting two areas of Barangay Nauhang, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental. It now allows tourists to reach Sugar Beach Resort and Langub Beach Resort in the village without taking a boat. (Photo courtesy of the 3rd District Engineer Office of DPWH Negros Occidental)

THE CITY OF BACOLOD – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently completed a 75-meter bridge that allows tourists to reach two popular beaches in the town of Sipalay, in Negros Occidental, without taking a boat.

With the structure in place, the public now has easier access to the pristine beaches at Sugar and Langub resorts in Barangay Nauhang.

DPWH-Western Visayas regional director Lea Delfinado said in a statement on Tuesday that the bridge connects two sites (areas) in the village separated by a natural waterway leading to the ocean, forcing tourists to hire a motor boat. to reach the shore.

“It was a bit uncomfortable trip. Once the project is complete, they can simply drive their own car to the desired destination. The convenience of transporting residents has also greatly improved, ”she added.

Construction of the bridge was undertaken by the DPWH Negros Occidental Third District Engineering Office headed by District Engineer Rodney Gustilo.

Gustilo said the bridge was part of the PHP 50 million access road development to Sugar Beach Resort and Langub Beach Resort, a convergence project of DPWH and the Tourism Ministry.

This involves the construction of a 225 linear meter concrete pavement and embankment protection, with injected gabions and riprap, reflective thermoplastic pavement markings as well as rafter signs and guards. -body to ensure the safety of motorists and travelers.

“The city’s tourism industry is strengthened with the completion of this bridge, leading to the opening of small businesses for the growing number of tourists visiting these pristine beaches and commune with Mother Nature,” said Gustilo.

Rowena Montalvo, a resident of Nauhang, said the bridge project also provides easy access to transport their agricultural and marine products to a larger market and that in the event of a medical emergency they do not need to ” wait for a motorboat to transfer patients to the city proper.

Sipalay, located approximately 175 kilometers south of Bacolod, is Negros Occidental’s premier tourist destination.

It is nicknamed “The Jewel of the Sugar Island” for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, attracting both foreign and domestic tourists. (ANP)

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